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Featured Couple: Whitney & Scott Haber

Photos by Andrea Rodway HELLO WEDDING WEEK! The final countdown is on! #tohaveandtohaber A photo posted by Whitney M. Haber (@whitneymhaber) on Dec 8, 2014 at 9:48am PST   It takes a special man to propose during March Madness, and this guy is that bold. RED IS OFF THE MARKET,...

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Holiday Bow Tie Gift Guide for Men

Let's face it. Holiday shopping for men is not easy. Lucky for you, one of the most versatile and prized gifts during the holiday season is the bow tie. The person that gifts bow ties becomes the topic of conversation during those special dinner parties, cross Atlantic voyages and championship polo...

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The Black Velvet Bow tie

The black velvet bow tie is an essential part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. It is on par with owning a toothbrush. The reason being is that if a dressy occasion is needed – the black velvet bow tie rises to the occasion. Engineering of Velvet Before we jump into fashion...

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