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Bros in B+M: Justin Sellars

  Justin Name: Justin SellarsOccupation: Project Analyst at L Brands Instagram: @jsellars Facebook: BR0.Montana This weeks #bowtiefriday goes out to Justin Sellars. Justin is not only book smart, but tie smart too. Always making sure to look dapper as hell, he shows off both the Floral and K Street tie. The two paired perfectly with a stark white...

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Bros in B+M: Ryan Beshel

Name: Ryan Beshel Occupation: PR Consultant Instagram: @ryanbeshel Twitter: @ryanbeshel Website: www.ryanbeshel.com Ryan is wearing our Duncan wool bow tie and he executes the outfit well by matching the colors with the rest of his outfit. What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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Top 10 Reasons to Wear a Bow Tie

  10. Because they are easier to tie than you think. A Google search for "How to tie a bow tie" returns about 42,700,000 results. There are a plethora of guides, youtube videos, and diagrams. The knot is essentially the same knot as the one you learned to tie your...

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