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Camo in Menswear is Here to Stay: Introducing our Camo Bow Tie & Necktie

WW1 Era Burberry Trenchcoat Ad

The military has influenced technology, medicine, science, art and fashion since antiquity. Davinci designed war machines and it is widely believed that Michelangelo designed the uniforms of the Swiss Guard of the Vatican. Advances in battlefield medicine help save lives in emergency rooms around the world. Even neckwear is thought to have been invented by Croatian soldiers to keep their collars tied.

The Repp tie became an accessory thanks to British regimental fashion. The blazer was named after the HMS Blazer and the jacket her crew wore. The peacoat is still worn by Navy’s around the world. We also have the military to  thank for the trenchcoat, which earned its name in the trenches of World War I.

The Bomber jacket became fashionable after World War 2 along with the leather jacket worn by Veterans who rode their Harley’s. We also have the military to thank for cargo pants, combat boots, desert boots, and dog tags.

Pilot wearing aviator combat boots while he smokes a pipe and gets his hair cut

In recent years we have seen camo become more common in men’s and women’s fashion. Camo emerges in collections from all sorts of labels in all price ranges.

This is no longer a fad… camo is here to stay. Camo in different patterns and for different uses hangs in the closets of countless sportsmen throughout North America. Denim and jeans were once only for laborers but now some consider it evening wear. Camo is a pattern, like any other, except it has an admirable history to it. Camo can be worn as a neutral and it hides stains. For most men these two factors are important and useful.

If you’re the type of gent that doesn’t want to stand out we get it…. it’s not for everyone. While the original purpose of camo was to blend in, now-a-days if you wear camo you'll stand out. If you appreciate the smell of cordite, and you don’t mind rocking America’s away colors check out our latest Camo products here

Remember that if you wear camo, wear it like a badass, just like those who have to wear it everyday.

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