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Gentlemen + Charity

The writer George Bernard Shaw said that "a gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out."

Some brands stand out due to style alone. We love style... and we love substance. Bull+Moose believes that gentlemen's conduct proceeds from good will and charity. A gentleman is one who thinks of the rights and safety of others rather than his own. Bull+Moose is committed these ideals. For these reasons we have decided to give a percentage of our bowtie and necktie sales to charities that share our vision of defending the weak, supporting education, and supporting our returning Veterans. We look forward to announcing our strategic and charitable partners in the coming months. 

Bull+Moose is a small business founded by two childhood friends in 2013. The founders have worked for tech startups, presidential campaigns, fashion labels, state governors, computer companies and foreign diplomats. Their practical style comes from years of working in the business, government and political world where neckwear is a topic of conversation and a key wardrobe necessity. For Bull+Moose it's about service to our customer and service to our community. 

Please visit bullandmoose.com for more information. If you know of a charity that would like to partner with our company please contact causes@bullandmoose.com

Very Respectfully,


  • Diego Andres Echeverri

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