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Woman Crush Wednesday: Kiersten Dolbec



A video posted by Kiersten Dolbec (@suddenlypuppies) on



Kiersten Dolbec

Full Name: Kiersten Dolbec
Instagram: Suddenlypuppies
Webpage: Suddenlypuppies.com
Occupation: Model

They say outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates. And Ms. Dolbec has us captivated. Her beauty hit us like a punch in face. Kiersten's quirk and sense of humor is magnetic. We're crushing hard this week on a confident and charismatic brunette who won us over by sharing her love of Cartagena, Colombia and rocking our bows on her Instagram

Fun fact:  "I can jump over 6’2, backwards"
What she's listening to: Hotel Costes playlist
What she's reading: Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
Favorite look on a guy (bowtie/necktie): bowtie [preferably popped w/ shirt unbuttoned ;)]
Favorite Bull+Moose product: Velvet anything
Favorite Grown Up Drink: Chocolate milk
Favorite Food: Biscuits
Favorite Sport: Speed eating
Pets: "Living? No, I wish! But I do own a 7 1/2 ft steel giraffe"

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