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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By Laura O'Malley

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve received several requests for gift suggestions. I thought I would put together a list of my favorites from Bull and Moose to provide some guidance to ladies in need. Neckwear is an easy yet perfectly sophisticated gift for any male in your life.

Dad: If you’re looking for a full-proof item to give Dad, I would suggest the CAMO NECKTIE. This tie is 100% silk woven, a woodland camo pattern in dark olive, black and greyish green. Not only will Dad enjoy the rich silk and fun pattern, he will also be showing support to our nation’s service members.

Brother: For your brother, I would suggest one of the bow ties. With the possibility of proms and formals coming up, he may even wear it to a special event. I would go with the JIMMY OLSEN bow. This bow tie has a woven polka dot pattern and adjustable clasp for a custom fit. Not only will he be getting a great gift, he’ll be prepared for his spring date events.

Boyfriend: For your boyfriend, it definitely has to be something special. The DUNCAN BOW TIE is a great choice to make your gift stand out. This plaid bow is a limited edition item made of 100% wool. It also contains an adjustable clasp to fit all men's neck sizes so you won’t have to worry about sizes. Pair this with a romantic evening and you’ll be set for the best Valentine’s day ever.

Husband: For your husband, I would go with the K STREET TIE. This striped 100% silk tie is a classic pick. It can match almost any color suit, blazer or sports coat. He will be able to wear it to work with effortless style.

Regardless of which neckwear you choose, bow ties and ties are always a simple way to please your loved ones. Bow ties are becoming a wardrobe staple, and ties will never go unworn.

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